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Online Christian Business represents the Whole Family Products label.  We are not a pyramid or multi-level program but a Christian health supplement company offering you an opportunity to earn a commission for what you already do; spread the word about the companies and products you love.

We care as much about the person who uses our products. We also care about helping you to afford our products by providing a great affiliate business opportunity.

Our products include daily supplements, natural hormonal health creams and oils such as natural progesterone cream and oil, estriol cream and oil, DHEA, andropause creams, testosterone boosters for men and women,  enzymes, probiotics, topical magnesium oils, pain creams, natural wrinkle cream, weight loss, sports and protein products, hormone balancing and libido enhancing herbal supplements and so, so much more. 

We are continually adding more products according to your needs and industry discoveries.


If you say you care about someone’s health, it sounds OK right?   Please don’t be put off by the word wealth.  Wealth and greed are not synonyms.  Wealth is many things but the financial part doesn’t have to be a dirty secret nor is tied to your personal value.  Someone in your home is paying for the internet you read this on and that someone might not mind a little help.  We do not advocate hounding friends or family.  If you love what a product does, sharing it with someone who needs it is kind; not greedy.  It is compassionate.

We started online helping infertile couples in 1998 without a care to earn anything from it.  As the questions arose about how to get the herbs and supplements needed to enhance fertility a business was born.  The ministry remains and we do not require that anyone purchase anything from us in order to help.

Soon we saw the value in helping others financially as well naturally.  We sought products we were proud to put our name to and continue to do so by adding more of what may help you naturally for menopause, infertility/fertility, men’s health, natural progesterone creams and oil and daily supplements to enhance well being and longevity.

We endeavor to shine His light in all we do. Online Christian Business is the result. We look forward to serving you.

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We use a site called Check Out My Link . com to host your affiliate links.  Your customers/family/friends need only to go to your page there or to do a search for your name and your link will be visible for them to click on.
Make it even easier for your friends and family to find you and to use your links.

Earn smarter and faster with your own customized webpage.  FREE after your first purchase.

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Two great catalogs.  Always great products.  Outstanding customer service.  Fantastic commissions.

“Better a little with righteousness than much gain with injustice.” Proverbs 16:8 .

Business and/or Fundraising Opportunity
Christians looking for a great home business and/or fundraising opportunity:
A great business opportunity is hard to find.  BUT… Christian websites with  discount Christian products, fundraising, AND a GREAT Home Based Christian Opportunity Online is even harder; UNTIL now.  Our Online Christian Business Affiliate Program is great for ministry or  just a lucrative Christian business online.

Do you know anyone who needs a website?  Do you know that 15% of our basic $125 – 5 page website – will earn you or your organization $18.75?   Then you continue to order 15% of every service from that website customer.  Most health affiliate programs don’t offer affiliate website building as well.    The best news is that your clients don’t have to be Christians to take advantage of our natural health products or our website building  service.

Fundraising Made Simple

 Christian Ministries looking for an innovative way to raise funds:
Do you have a Christian Ministry for which you want to do fundraising?   Earning dollars for Christian ministry through fund raising efforts with Online Christian Business is very simple and very affordable.   There are no start up costs.  Just sign up to become an affiliate and spread the word that you will receive a commission for every sale in our stores; using your affiliate link.

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Base Commission 15%

  • Commission starts at 15%.

  • Payments are made when your account produces $25 in commissions; not sales.

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Growth Commission 18%

  • Grow to 18% when you reach $2000 in sales in a calendar year.

  • Payments continue each time $25 is earned in a calendar month.

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FREE START-UP.  The most important first step.

No need to build an expensive internet web presence; just tell your friends to follow your link to products they already need and use.

Earn 15% on every product and quickly grow to 20% for life.

Invite friends into some of our other businesses that have excellent reputations either in health, travel and all in wealth building opportunities.

Both health and website business opportunities represented here.

No shipping, inventory, credit card charging, customer service or forms for you to handle.

NEVER actually pack the box yourself.

Free web pages included with the Whole Family Products and Web Design affiliate programs.

Concerned you’ll need help along the way?  That is what we are here for; to support you.  We are a team that cares about you and is there to help you succeed.



Let us show you the way to financial freedom with our unique Online Christian Business. com opportunities.  We have been in direct sales and the private label products business world since 1980 and since 1998 online.  Let us share our online and traditional network marketing success and tips with you.  Imagine having everything you need to achieve success at home.  Imagine having a team of people who are dedicated to your success.  We would like to show you how.

Blessings to you, in Jesus’ name,   the Albano Family